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"With me it's a full time job"

Get Carter are Jan, Paul, Kev and Robin. Check out the text below for embarrassing facts about each of them.

Jan - Vocals

Jan hails from London and sang with London based bands Outsider and Crook before going solo for a while and moving to Norwich in the late eighties.   More recently Jan has fronted local bands Villiers Street, Mainland and She Sez and was also one half of the popular duo Secret Combination.

"The reason I love playing with Get Carter is I get to perform some of my all time favourite songs by artists that I truly admire.  The market for original live bands in Norwich is limited so the aim was to create a quality covers band playing current music (90s-00s) well"

Paul - Bass

Paul, a Norwich lad, has been in bands for more years than he cares to remember. He's played for many bands renowned for having an exceptional bassist, which is quite a coincidence since he plays bass.

Paul plays standing in the shadows with his eyes closed, but does open them now and again when ordering a pint. His likes include wine and Newcastle brown ales. His main dislike is having an empty glass.

Kev - Drums

Kevin joined Get Carter from local band She Sez.  He is the sex god of the band, wherever he is, there's a queue of groupies eager to get their hands on his kit!

Robin - Guitar

Robin, an enigma, an eccentric genius, or grumpy old git?  Who can say, but he has played and taught guitar for longer than he cares to remember or will admit.  Listen to his guitar solo on Zombie!  Say no more.......